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Get LISTED in the MLS for FREE and SAVE Thousands in Commission!



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Don't Want To Pay 6% Commission

Why pay 6% commission? A free flat-fee MLS listing provides the exposure you need. In addition, our showing app, offer, and transaction management system provides support and guidance for a smooth sale and closing.

Want To SAVE Thousands In Commission

SAVE an average of $17,500 with a FREE flat-fee MLS listing. In addition, you pay no up-front fees and only an $89 flat fee at closing. If you do not close for some reason, you pay zero, zip, nada!

Want 100x the Exposure to Potential Buyers

Ever wonder why MLS listings sell faster and for more? It's because about 90% of the buyer pool uses the MLS to find their home. provides this exposure and more.

Want An Easy to Follow System, That Delivers Results

With a free flat fee MLS listing, you have the support and guidance you need. Our system is proven to provide sellers like you with a smooth, stress-free selling experience. Great for the busy homeowner!

Want A Service Backed By Over 26 Years of Experience

The system is backed by over 26 years of experience. Our founder and CEO created the system with sellers like you in mind. We are so confident in our system that you can list for FREE and pay just $89 at closing.

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How It Works

Selling your home and saving thousand in commissions has never been easier!

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Sign Up & Submit Property

Sign Up

At, we make it simple to get your home listed in the MLS. In addition, we do not charge any up-front fees! So get listed for free and only pay a flat fee of $89 at closing.

Submit Your Property

Submit your property information in minutes! Just answer some questions about your property, upload some pictures, and you are done!

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We Activate Your Listing

MLS Activation

Once we receive your property information and photos, we will process your listing and activate it in the MLS within 24 hours or on the date specified. 


Gain 100x the exposure and experience the power of the MLS! Once the listing is activated, we will also feature your listing in 100s of real estate sites nationwide. 

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Prepare & Show Your Home

Prepare Your Home

First impressions are crucial! Get your home show ready. This is a crucial step. Make sure to declutter, depersonalize, and organize your home. Your home's curb appeal is also important.  

Show Your Home. Use Our Showing App!

We made confirming and declining a showing as simple as a click of a button! No more endless calls or voicemails. With our showing app, you can accept, decline, or propose a new time with a simple button click. Your time is valuable, and we understand that!

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Review/Accept Offer

How To Manage Offers

Get a real-time notification every time an offer is submitted. Review and respond to all offers in one central place. Our offer management platform makes streamlines and simplifies the offer process. Respond to the offer with a simple click.  

Counter, Accept, or Decline Offer

Gone are the days of searching and hunting down email offers. We know you are busy with life and your career. Simplify your sale with a MLS listing.

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Manage Transaction

Manage Your Transaction Yourself

We will provide a transaction management platform if you choose to manage your transaction yourself. The platform will guide you step-by-step from contract to closing. In addition, you will have a timeline of all pending tasks to close the deal. The system will also send you a reminder when a task is due. 

Hire A Transaction Coordinator

You also have the option of hiring a transaction coordinator to assist you in getting your sale closed. Our transaction coordinators are highly experienced and make the process seamless. Our broker highly recommends hiring an experienced transaction coordinator.

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Close The Deal

Use Any Title Company

In the state of Florida, buyers usually choose the closing agent. Regardless, we recommend that you have your title company prepare your seller documents. You can choose any title company you desire. 

Use Our Preferred Title Company

If you decide to use our preferred title company, you can choose from an in-person closing, remote closing, or an online closing. Of course, the choice is always yours with

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Compare The Numbers

Traditional Listing




Average commission $30,000

Average savings based on a $500,000 sale.




If applicable, average buyer agent commission $12,500

Average savings based on a $500,000 sale.

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